2.5 Conservative force field

Try to imagine that a flow of air is inhaled into a spherical nozzle put on a powerful vacuum cleaner. Inhaled force is larger near the nozzle than far.

For the next, Try to imagine that the nozzle is earth. We could understand that the flow of air surround the nozzle is almost the same as a flow of earth gravity. As the result, mathematical expression is almost the same if ignore complex air fluid of motion.

If based point of energy set on surface of earth, it would be considered that having energy of object is larger at high altitude than low. For example, falling same mass of stone, impact force against object on the surface is larger from high than low. The expression of the energy which varies from the position of such the altitude is being called potential energy.

The condition of the place like gravitational field of earth can be expressed in the size of the potential energy. To be really the same, potential energy can be thought about even in field of wind. An object in upwind has larger potential energy of the field of wind than downwind.

Radial shape of field like fig.2.5 is being called a conservative force field. Gravitational field of a planet which not rotating is one of the conservative force field. On surface of like planet, how to make sure whether the field is conservative force field or not, changing a angle of a disk like a wheel of bicycle variously, if the disk is beginning to rotate itself by a natural process, the field is not conservative force field.

Similarly in the field of wind, we can confirm whether the field is conservative force field or not by a device like fig.2.6 beginning to rotate itself or not.

It is considered in general physics that energy can not be taken out from the conservative force field, but anyone knows how to take out energy from the field of wind which is the conservative force field. It's only set on a windmill in the field. Someone might claim that windmill to rotate is that the field is not the conservative force field partly, but what energy could be taken out by exchanging the conservative force field to non-conservative, as the result, it is taken out from conservative force field.

Therefore, it is not foolish thing like to be thinking of men of today that past scientists might think to take out energy from the gravitational field.

Is there how to take out energy from the conservative force field of earth?

In fact, the way had already described in this Website. In field of wind, it can exchange the conservative field to non-conservative using windmill. Even in gravitational field, we have only consider how to exchange the field. It can be confirmed whether the field is conservative or not using disk shape object, but the shape is not necessary disk shape. confirming it, we could observe that any shape object do rotating motion. For example, an object like fig.2.7 put in the gravitational field of earth, which will be rotating.

What device is inside of the globular object? It is only a rotating gyroscope in. Fig.2.7 is only globular covered of fig.1.1 of '1.3 a motion of top'.

The surround space of the object would be considered as non-conservative force field, the rotating energy is obtained from earth gravity and its mass. It is well known that the rotating velocity of the gyroscope is only decreased by fiction with its axis or air and so on, if not be friction, the gyroscope will be rotating eternal, Earth or Saturn which is large gyroscope have ever been rotating unless attenuation. Therefore, if not be friction with the gyroscope, the object will generate a torque on the pedestal eternal, and using the torque, new torque will be reappeared permanently. This simple structure is a perpetual motion which is also a free energy device.

The object of fig.2.7 which is installed in zero gravity space would be not beginning to rotate. There is not up or down in the zero gravity space. If it can rotate in the space, which direction it would be rotating? Someone claim that gyroscope is not tip over by centrifugal force, not interaction with gravitation field. We would think so, why the gyroscope turning direction correlate closely with direction of gravity. There is a simple experiment to confirm that the gyroscope do not turn its angle in zero gravity space. Dropping an object, the surround it is zero gravity space that well known. Dropping rotating gyroscope, its angle will not turn.

Gyroscopes prevent rolling and pitching of vessels from outside force such as waves or wind. Large amount of energy is necessary for the stabling using like a screw not to use gyroscope. Using gyroscope, we can save the energy. The reason have been considered one of strange things even in the present physics. When energy is added to the vessel by the waves or wind, new energy would be needed to prevent the shaking. This is the same as tug of war not to lose necessary more power than a rival. If there is a force, also there is energy that was our conclusion. Energy is necessary for stabling the vessel. You would have no doubt where the energy source is.

We would conclude that gravity engine is also free energy device because of the propelling force using of gravity effect. We could take out energy which is quite clean, safety and limitless from gravity engine.

My theory continue to show that like magnetic effect is existing field of fluid or gravity, not only electrodynamics. Equation of gravitational field which is obtained by the examination has a member of it which showing that energy is not conserved. The equation also convince me of realizing the free energy.

However, I don't intend to write anymore. I have many works I should do, I can not spend for a long time to work like a volunteer. Thank you for your reading to the last in spite of such bad English. I wish to meet you again on other earth. It may be depending on each of you.

Takashi Tsuda

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