1.8 Gravitation propelling engine with ring structure

The disk will be turning forever at the position if you spin the disk under zero gravity conditions. The gravitation field surrounding the disk is balanced when the vertical line and the horizontal line of the disk are symmetrical with the axis of the rotating disk. To the contrary, object won't hold the same position that is in unsymmetrical gravitation field, To say opposite, making condition that is unsymmetrical gravitation, the object will be propelled. So, the basic subject of gravitation propelling engine is only thing to make unsummetrical gravitation field.

One of the ways to make an unsymmetrical gravitation field, which superposes the field is by using two disks such as fig.1.9.

This is the end of the chapter. I hope you now understand the principle and the structure of gravity engine.

By the way, where do you think an energy of the gravity engine comes from? Is it 'Space energy'?

Next chapter, Let's think about the energy of this.

2. Is a permanent engine or free energy a dream?

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Updated 01/Dec/1996