1.2 What against a top doesn't tip over

What against doesn't a top tip over? It's well known that a top can resist the earth gravity direction. A top won't tip over because something is interacting between the top and the gravity. An unrotating top can't stand up, but a rotating top will never tip over. This demonstrates the difference in a rotating top's and an unrotating top's interaction with the gravity. This is a very important discovery. A rotating top is capable of varying around gravity.

We shouldn't underestimate the capability of a top to vary gravity. Gyroscopes, which are a form of top, aid ship stability. Gyroscopes prevent rolling and pitching of vessels from outside force such as waves or wind.

How does a rotating top interact with gravity? To understand this, let's go to the next chapter, 'Motion of a top'.

1.3 Motion of a top

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Updated 10/Oct/1996